• World War Lunch


    World War Lunch

    Since the implementation of the National School Lunch Program, a war has been raging in public schools everywhere. At 11:40 AM every day, students at Murrah High school gather on the front lines, armed to the teeth with insults and complaints about the food.   This has become such an integral part of the high school experience, that it now […]

  • PASSing



    “You want to use active voice whenever possible instead of passive voice.” “In order to solve this problem, you have to simplify like terms.” “The Manhattan Project has nothing to do with New York City.” “The theory of evolution has nothing to do with Social Darwinism.” This is what can be heard in a classroom full of students preparing for […]

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    Let Me Explain: Young and Tattooed

    “Are those real?” “How old are you?” “Does your mom know about all these?” I really get tired of these useless questions. It doesn’t matter if my parents know about them. They’re there. You can’t just rub them off like a 25-cent tattoo out of a gum ball machine. These tats are just as real as the quarters in that […]


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“The Monthly Message”

The President’s Corner “The Monthly Message” Written By – Justis Gibbs, Student Body President                    Being President of a 6A high school in an inner-city high school comes with a lot of responsibility. Some official and outlined, some that are unofficial. As you know, in the recent weeks, Murrah has had problems with students fighting and it has even boiled […]

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