My Latin Teacher is a Robot

14 February 2014

Walking into a classroom and waiting for a television screen to give you instruction may seem like a scenario from the future — but for many students it has already become a reality. Murrah High School’s Micah Everson is the only Latin teacher in the district. In an attempt to give other students a chance […]

SBP’s Corner : Lights! Cameras! ACTION!

03 February 2014

  “What’s up with these flash videos on Instagram?” says Caleda Cooper, a senior here at Murrah High School. “A fashion show?!, where do I sign up?” With the new Head Principal on board, he has called for action with his student leaders. Starting on Feb. 4th and Feb. 5th all students at Murrah High […]

Where Have YOU Been?

03 February 2014

Hush! Listen! There is Dr. Lee again on the intercom talking about Murrah’s ADA and how critical it is for each teacher to accurately record every student’s presence. But how important is ADA really? “ADA encourages us to encourage students to come to school,” said Dr. Lee, the 10th grade principal at Murrah. “It equates […]

Where Are We? Representation of Minorities in the Media

26 January 2014

A young boy crouches in front of a shop display. He eyes the action figures in the window with glee before looking up at his father, confusion in his eyes. “Why are none of them black?” Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D knows it’s a problem, why can’t anyone else seem to get this right? Representation of […]

“SBP’s Corner : Mr. Green is On The Scene !”

16 January 2014

President’s Corner Mr. Green – Our New Head Principal       As many mustangs know, we have a new guy on the block, and his name is Mr. Kennieth Green. Mr. Green is the new head principal of Murrah High School.  He was Assistant Principal of Jim Hill High School for 8 years. He has taught […]

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SBP’s Corner: Eighteen & Registered, Young Voices Changing Jackson!

Posted on 27 March 2014

Mustangs, as you know, our late mayor Chokwe Lumumba passed away a couple of weeks ago due to chest pains. The City Of Jackson has organized a special election where a new mayor will be decided. Over 15 candidates are on the ballot and the citizens of Jackson are prepared to choose one of them […]


The Good Over The Bad

Posted on 18 December 2013

Murrah High School has been a well respected school for many years. Over previous years, events within the school have tarnished Murrah High School’s reputation. A club within Murrah, Mustangs for Christ, is working to restore the reputation of Murrah. Mustangs for Christ was put together by former mustang, Lee Scott, and existing teacher, Mr. […]


Let Me Explain: Young and Tattooed

Posted on 06 February 2014–bW0pQn72gxiC-pTAABgx&sadet=1391698373838&sads=9PyWEVjsuEC9HFLpP28waLFYVGQ&sadssc=1 “Are those real?” “How old are you?” “Does your mom know about all these?” I really get tired of these useless questions. It doesn’t matter if my parents know about them. They’re there. You can’t just rub them off like a 25-cent tattoo out of a gum ball machine. These tats are just as […]


Are you there God? It’s me, Adria.

Posted on 17 December 2013

It can be hard living in The Deep South if you’re Black. It can be hard living in The Deep South if you’re not a Christian. But if you’re both Black and non-religious? It’s suicide. My mother is a liberal. Growing up, she encouraged my older brother and I to be involved in pretty much […]


Scholar Athlete: Emily Gomez By Kijana Stevens

Posted on 14 February 2014

Emily Gomez  is ranked number two  in her junior class at Murrah High School. Gomez is still able to shine on the field, court, and track, while maintaining a QPA of 4.73 and GPA 97.4.   During soccer 2013-2014, Gomez served as a captain,  scored five goals, made countless assists, and had full coverage of […]